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    XMT*JK two-way series temperature controller
    XMT*JK series two-way temperature controller can connect two sensors synchronously and conveniently, diminish the instrument’s volume. It has a separate auto-tune mode and PID parameter function with more precision and more reliability in whole machine control.
    Ⅱ、Primary technical standard:
    1、Input signal: CU50(-50.0~150.0℃)、Pt100(-19.9~600.0℃)、K(0~1300℃)、
    2、Accuracy: ±0.5%F.S±byte
    3、Output method: relay AC220V 3A(resistance load)
    4、control mode: difference control-on/off and PID control
    5、Input power: AC85~242V 50/60Hz
    6、Environment Temperature: 0 to 50℃, Humidity: ≤85%RH
    7、Face Size: 160×80×110 mm Hole Size : 152×76 mm
    96×96×110 mm Hole Size : 92×92 mm
    72×72×110 mm Hole Size :68×68 mm
    Ⅲ、Panel board instruction(consult)
    Ⅳ、connection scheme(consult)Electronic Temperature Controller price