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    If you are looking for customized kitchen exhaust electrostatic precipitator for hotel commercial kitchen filter with cooking mist purifier made in China from a professional restaurant fume extractor for esp collector factory, please feel free to contact us.
    Electrostatic precipitator(ESP)-ASK300C0
    We use the globally advanced electrostatic technologies, combined with our patented plate electric fields. The cooking fume and oil mist from restaurants or hotel kitchens can most efficiently achieve filtration and purification.
    Experience and high technology at your service
    Living in a market in continuous evolution,CASP bases it force on a step by step project follow-up in close collaboration with the customer to create tailored and highly reliable solutions.
    1.ISO9001:2000 tested quality control system, guaranteeing that all raw materials are of internationally-familiar brand, and are processed by the numerical controlling system, all the finished products are put to test and trial operation, and all the sold products are guaranteed one year free repair and lifelong maintenance.
    2.CE (certificate of safety conformity) granted, UL867, UL710 and IEC60335 tested, ensuring the internationally standard safety and reliability of our products.
    input power220 V/50HZ
    Maximum inlet concentration (mg/m3)10
    Outlet oil fume concentration (mg/m3)2
    Flange size(A*B)mm1370*595
    Cell quantity4
    Power Pack quantity2
    C:pipe elbow
    E:pipe reducer
    F:air purification unit
    G:pipe reducer
    C:pipe elbow
    D:wind Pipe
    E:pipe reducer
    F:air purification unit
    G:pipe reducer
    F: chimney
    Duct mounted ESP structure & Oil mist collection schematic diagram
    How it works:
    Air is drawn by the motor/blower through a filter bank which traps large dust particles. The remaining particles. The remaining particles, some as small as 0.01 microns,pass into a strong electrical field(ionizing section) where the particulate receives an electrical charge.The charged particles then pass into a collector plate section mad up of a series of equally spaced parallel plates. Each alternate plate is charge with the same polarity as the particles. Which repel, while the interleacing plates are grounded ,which attract and collect.
    Unit structure:
    CASP provides the highest level of efficiency available today. Electrostatic precipitator(ESP) units uses an electrostatic charge targeted specifically at grease and smoke particles to remove these contaminants from the air stream, casuing them to form a film inside the ESP unit.
    Features & Benefit:
    Decrease the frequency of expensive duct cleaning
    Creat good odor in or near the restaurant surroudings.
    Good for the people s health and the environment generates during the cooking
    Decrease fire hazard at exhaust duct
    With modular design, all major components can be assembled easily for operation or removed easily for maintenance and cleaning.
    Complemented with other prominent characteristics, such as the circuit controlled self-protection and malfuntion diagnosis system, the multi-choice models of running operation, the energy-saving effect, and so on,Our electrostatic Precipitators are the well-rounded professional cooking fume/ oil mist purifier, the exact restaurants or hotel kitchens ventilation equipment you are looking for.
    The commerical electrostatic precipitator is widely used in the Hotel, Restaurant,kitchen ,Food-Processing Pant.
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